Residential Services

When the early settlers built their first homes, they didn’t have the luxury of even a single window opening. Glass was too dear and rare, so only the very wealthy could indulge in the simple pleasure of looking at the world from the inside out. Today, most homes have more windows than many mansions had at the turn of the century. These windows need regular cleaning to help the great outdoors shine in.


Window Washing

Why Customers use our services over and over.

Let’s face it; climbing on ladders and trying to reach large or inaccessible windows twice a year is not a task that many homeowners relish. This is the reason what window care is a job that is put off into the future, or ignored all together. Who wants to fall and maybe injure themselves, or others, performing a task that they may not be good at or unprepared to do well?
Homeowner’s also occasionally use less effective and ‘not recommended’ methods for cleaning that does not improve the overall look, and in fact, leaves windows looking spotty with traces of dirt left over. Less effective methods like; newspaper and vinegar or vinegar /soap spray bottles and rag combinations to clean, are not 100% efficient and can leave behind grime that can actually scratch glass.

Edge Clean does not use these methods. We use a proven Five Path Clean Window Washing approach as follows:

  1. Application of formulated detergent mixture using a wide string fabric applicator.
  2. Removal of material with a wide window squeegee that is wiped with a cotton cloth
  3. Water spot or residue removal with a wet chamois, and cleaning of the window sills with microfiber cloths.
  4. Natural sea sponge cleaning of individual panes or stubborn dirt areas.
  5. Heavy mineral stain removal with oxalic acid based material.

Before becoming an Edge Clean window tech, our staff members have undertaken extensive residential and commercial training both in-house and onsite to meet the demands of the toughest jobs. This training is both video and experience based, and fully grooms team members for any obstacle they may run into. Our employees and technicians get the benefit of our decades of experience in the field. Any new techniques and equipment improvement are incorporated into our service offering. Your Edge Clean representative comes prepared.
Your assigned technician will be friendly, competent and has been approved by our bonding partner. He or she is teamed with a senior project supervisor on jobs until we are satisfied that they can direct their own team.

This means that you need not have any worries as to the ability and personal conduct of our employees on your site. A project report is given after every completed assignment. If any problem is noted, you will hear from one of our supervisors in short order. All of this is in an effort to take the traditional window cleaning service to a new and very well received higher level.