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Is Edge Clean insured?

Edge Clean is backed by a $5 million Insurance Policy to ensure our customers are protected.

Is pricing flexible or do you have specific fixed rates?

At Edge Clean, we know that windows come in all sizes, shapes, and setups, and every building has its own story. Therefore, we don’t like the idea of fixed or flat rates because we don’t want our clients to pay any more than is necessary for their specific needs. Instead we encourage clients to contact our office, by phone or email, to request a quote. Upon the request, a trained professional is sent to the site to make an evaluation and provide a quotation. You can find more information by visiting our pricing page.

Are there any hidden costs?

At Edge Clean, we strive to be up front with our customers and pride ourselves in being a company with integrity. We therefore try to foresee any and all costs associated with a project and name them in detail in the initial quote. If unexpected costs arise, we will bring them to the customer’s attention immediately, while simultaneously attempting to find an innovative and cost-effective solution.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

The answer to this question can depend on many variables. As the exterior of your building can directly influence the first impression of your business, it would be in your company’s best interest to invest in cleaning your windows with a frequency that keeps them clean all the time. Weather conditions, the frequency in which your windows come in contact with hands that leave fingerprints, and other such variables may influence how often your windows need to be cleaned. This could mean anything from weekly, monthly, or semi-annual cleanings are in order.

Do your employees take part in safety and training programs regularly?

Edge Clean employs a team of expert window cleaners who continue to undergo intensive on-the-job training and attend state-of-the art safety courses sponsored by the IWCA on a regular basis, ensuring customer safety and satisfaction. The collective years of experience held by our staff ensure that no matter the project, the job will be done right from start to finish.